When our body heals it usually does so as quickly and effectively as possible and the result is often not the smoothest, softest and most esthetically pleasing. Layers and tissues may be misaligned and stop tissues from gliding smoothly, especially after surgery and even more so after multiple ones in one place. Scarring then can lead to tightness and internal adhesions, sensitivity or numbness, pain, discomfort and restriction.

ScarWork is a gentle, non invasive treatment using a number of massage techniques working directly on your scar and surrounding tissues. It has been shown by research to create lasting change on cellular level.

The techniques used are very effective in improving the visual appearance of scars making them look smoother, flatter and less prominent, softening tight restrictions and loosening internal adhesions.

image of girl with small scar on her stomach

Sensation can return to previously numb areas, sensitive areas can become less tender, mobility can significantly improve. 

Many clients report that they have a feeling of reintegration of their scar into their body, saying they feel more “whole” after their ScarWork treatment.

The age of the scar is irrelevant and improvement can often be felt after one treatment. However, I usually recommend four to eight sessions to achieve lasting results. Treatment can begin six to ten weeks after injury or surgery if there are no healing complications- but will also be effective and beneficial fifty years later. 

The softening and freeing up of movement often continues to improve for several weeks and months after the treatment. 

Examples where ScarWork will be beneficial 


Knee replacement, hip replacement


Oncology surgery (e.g. mastectomy)

Open heart surgery 

Shoulder surgery

Childhood injuries

Keyhole surgery

Pinned fracture

Burn scars

If you are not sure, please do get in touch and ask. I look forward to hearing from you. 

ScarWork was developed by Sharon Wheeler and I was taught by the incredibly wise Jan Trewartha of 

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