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Gentle and effective treatment for chronic soft tissue pain

Massage Mellifera - five star rated clinical and sports massage treatments in East Grinstead, specialising in chronic pain and ScarWork.

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Massage Mellifera

Aiming to provide the best massage in East Grinstead, I offer relaxation and clinical massage treatments in my lovely, easy to access treatment room in Railway Approach.. 

Specific issues such as sciatica, shoulder tension, a stiff neck, low back or knee pain, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome can be addressed and relieved. I achieve very good results with headaches and clients with depression, anxiety and chronic health conditions such as MS and Fibromyalgia are finding my treatments to be highly beneficial.

I get excellent outcomes with muscle and other soft tissue pain, often achieving a significant reduction in pain levels and improved range of motion. I use a combination of heat (Stones), myofascial release, a number of massage techniques including trigger point therapy and various stretches. I always work from a point of sensitive, gentle touch - accessing deeper muscles slowly yet effectively. So much more than a sports massage!

I am trained in scar work and often able to soften the adhesions of scar tissue which can cause any number of issues and tension throughout the body. 


Qualified in Advanced Clinical Massage, DBS checked and fully insured. I originally trained with the wise Michael Gibbons at the https://collegeofclassicalmassage.com/ and, amongst other CPD courses, fine tuned my skills with https://www.jingmassage.com/

I am an accredited member of the Complementary Health Professionals Association, https://www.complementaryhealthprofessionals.co.uk/ to show my commitment to exceptional standards In the profession.  

About Me

May I introduce myself: I am Charlotte, mum to a laid back teenager, friend to my many honeybee colonies and a therapist who loves taking people’s pain away.

After my A-levels I trained for three years in sculpture and worked for over 20 years in various therapeutic and care settings.

 I qualified as a massage therapist five years ago and am certain that I have found my calling.

I love being able to fully focus on one person at a time, giving my client’s my full and undivided attention.

hand holding bees

About Mellifera

The name Mellifera is a grateful nod to my friends and teachers, the bees.

Mellifera means "bringer of honey". Honeybees, Apis Mellifera, were recognised as sacred by ancient cultures and are to many people still an enigma today. 

My bees have taught me to work calmly, with focus and loving attention through my hands.

What I Can Help With

Muscle strains

Fibromyalgia, MS, long Covid and CFS

Chronic soft tissue pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis


TMJ/ jaw pain



Frozen shoulder

Repetitive Strain Injury

Tendinitis and Tendinosis, Neck and shoulder pain and restricted movement, Whiplash injuries, even years later, Rotator cuff injuries and impingement, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, General shoulder pain and limited movement, Golfer’s elbow, Tennis elbow and general arm pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist and hand issues, De Quervain Syndrome, Dupuytren’s Contracture, Numbness and tingling, Upper, mid and low back pain and stiffness, Slipped disk issues, Sciatica/ Piriformis Syndrome, Sacroiliac joint disfunction, Trochanteric Bursitis, Hip pain, Adductor and Hamstring strains, Runner’s Knee, Knee pain, Meniscal Injuries and patella tendinopathy, Osgood Schlatter’s Disease, Osteoarthritis, Hamstring issues, Shin splints and other lower leg pain, Heel pain, ankle sprain, Achilles Tendon injuries, Plantar fasciitis, and Hammer toes

Treatments & Prices

My lovely, peaceful therapy room is at the Glen Vue Centre in Railway Approach, East Grinstead, RH19 1BS.

Appointments can be paid in cash or by bank transfer on the day of the appointment. I do not use a card reader.

Special 1st appointment offer


This is a full sixty minute appointment at a very special rate. You will receive the same fine tuned treatment as in the full price 60 minute booking. One appointment per client. This is available to you even if you have had previous mobile treatments but cannot be combined in conjunction with other offers or used with gift cards.

60 minute appointment


Great for a full body massage, either deep tissue/clinical or deeply relaxing. Also fantastic for a deep and thorough back, neck and shoulder massage, it is very popular with those spending long working hours on computers. Lymphatic drainage treatments are available.

90 minute appointment


This is ideal for a lusciously soothing, head to toe full body massage with enough time to focus on a few specific areas of discomfort and pain if needed. A thorough unwinding experience.


All first time appointments include a thorough consultation and assessment of your treatment needs.

Please do let me know about any major health issues when booking your appointment.


If you find my prices to be out of reach, please get in touch. I offer a limited number of reduced rate treatments each month.


I do need to keep my small business viable. Bookings cancelled any later than 24 hours before the appointment time will need to be paid in full, as will no shows.


We are located at the Glen Vue Centre in Railway Approach, East Grinstead RH18 1BS. There is ample parking on site, a bus stop outside the door and it is a two minute walk to the train station. 

Get in touch

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us using our contact form, or you can give us a call on 07394 706914; if leaving a message, please make sure to leave your number so we can return your call.

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